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Protecting Your Business

Why You Need it

There is danger in every facet of life, and your business is no exception. When sensitive information is left vulnerable, it may end up in the wrong hands and lead to loss of reputation, clients, income- loss of livelihood. That's where we come in. Let us provide you with the freedom and peace of mind to focus on what you're best at—running your business—while we focus on what we're best at—keeping yours safe.

What it Does

Cybersecurity is complex, to say the least, but here's what you need to know–Cybersecurity is an ongoing program that needs to be manned. We identify a company's needs, implement and manage a program, and use a comprehensive platform to simplify audits, reduce waste, and eliminate failures. Let's break that down:

SOC 2 Audit

This report is designed to inform users of the effectiveness of their chosen program. It tells us how each company is doing in terms of security, data, and privacy, allowing us to prove the value of a given security program.

Policy Management

As mentioned before, cybersecurity is an ongoing program that requires ongoing management. Once implemented, we map your policy using board metrics to ensure they meet expectations during continual monitoring of each program. 

Compliance Management

We determine what controls you need, draft, and then implement them. At this point, we'll determine due dates for reviews that allow us to map controls, obligations of compliance, and management of risk, and remediate any failures. 

Risk Management

Create a risk registry to efficiently manage risk analysis and combat any threats.

Third Party/Supply Chain Risk Management

With this method, we create a vendor registry for risk-based vendor testing. This lets us manage due diligence, alongside controls, obligations, and potential threats.

Security Incident Management 

Not only will we monitor and assess—we make sure you have a plan in the case of a security incident through the use of risk-based scoring. You'll be able to uncover the root of the issue and rebuild from the ground up to make sure you're covered.

Business Continuity Management

We help you assess your key business processes and develop a plan to use in the case of unexpected 

We provide peace of mind. After assessing your business's needs and drafting and implementing a highly personalized program, we stick with it, providing you the freedom to run your business without worry.

What You Get:

  • Scaling with your growth

  • Replacement Staff

  • Fractional Security Officer CISO |Risk Officer | Security Officer (CISO) | Project Manager | Audit Manager | Compliance Officer

  • Comprehensive Platform

  • Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)​

  • Optional alignment to Compliance objectives such as SOC 2 | HITRUST | HIPAA | NIST CSF | FFIEC

Your Turnkey Solution

Rest easier knowing that you can leave this complex matter in the hands of experts who will provide you with a personalized plan and ongoing support, all at a fixed monthly cost.

Contact Simplified Communications Group to get started on ensuring your business's safety today.


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